Month: September 2014

Tips When Buying Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jackets

arrow custom fit womens lambskin real leather motorcycle jacketAsk any avid woman motorcycle enthusiast about what to buy first when shopping for motorcycle gear and the answer will almost always be two things first: Get a Motorcycle Helmet; and secondly, get a ladies leather motorcycle jacket. Within today’s current competitive markets in the world of motorcycling jackets do not only serve the purpose of protecting you in the event of an accident but they’re also designed for comfort and style to suit your lifestyle whether it be speed racing or riding something slightly more hardcore like Harley’s and Choppers. Whatever scene you’re into there are ladies leather motorcycle jackets designed to suit your taste.

Spot The Difference

Before you go out buying it’s important to know what different types of leathers or hides are used in jackets.

  • The most popular leather jackets are made from cow hide or buffalo. This type is also used for making gloves, pants and boots.
  • Somewhat cheaper and lower quality hides are water buffalo, goat and pig skins. Also used for making other items like pants and gloves but they struggle to meet the standards of most high street stores.

It’s easy to get lost in the information overload especially if you’re searching online, many online stores sell “water buffalo” jackets but labeled as proper “buffalo” leather jackets. This can be misleading as water buffalo hide never softens and remains hard no matter what you do. Keep an eye out for knock-offs as these might look good at first and appear inexpensive but sooner or later it’ll cost you.

Look At The Different Brands

Two good genuine quality brands to consider are Yamaha, and Icon ladies leather motorcycle jackets. If you’re into edgy, tactical motorcycle gear then you cannot go wrong with Icon Gear. With a brand that’s become so huge they offer literally every possible motorcycle accessory imaginable from gloves to pants and even backpacks. If safety is your priority Icon has a very specialized range of protective gear available.

Look At The Cost

Expect to pay anything from $120.00 and up to $350.00 for any Icon motorcycle jackets. Most of the popular Icon ladies jackets are manufactured from the best materials including CE approved armor and a Dynax nylon chassis. Chassis is water-resistant and supported by genuine polyurethane to handle the meanest, toughest weather. Ribbed Spandex panels allows for the ventilation of air while riding.

If you like textile designer jackets consider a popular brand called Olympia. Some of these jackets offer great versatility and breathe very well in hot or cold weather. Although this market for textile jackets has grown extensively traditional leather jackets are still top preference amongst bikers. While black leather jackets tend to be the most popular colour these days, there are options to get ladies leather motorcycle jackets in almost any colour. Have a look at any online shop or stockist or try looking for inexpensive, discounted gear on eBay where you’re sure to find a genuine great deal and design that will not only look fantastic but will also last longer.