Choosing The Right Motorcycle Riding Gear

Motorcycle-riding-gearYou’ve finally made the decision and purchased your ultimate dream bike but just like any other hobbies that anyone takes seriously you soon find out that there are add on accessories like motorcycle riding gear that are a compulsory necessity. These items involve your safety and efficiency on the road and include items like helmets, boots, pants, gloves and ultimately a cool jacket like the Yamaha Kiron leather jacket manufactured by Dianese. Alternatively if you don’t like leather you can opt for the Olympia Viper Mesh Tech Jacket which offers maximum airflow with superior abrasion resistance. Choosing the right motorcycle riding gear is often just as important as choosing your motorbike.

Looking At The Gear

Motorcycle Helmets

When choosing your helmet make sure it meets the standards of your local authority like the D.O.T (U.S. Department of Transportation). They have set standards that need to be met by all companies manufacturing bike helmets. It’s essential that your helmet can absorb as much impact force and prevent any form of penetration when the day comes that you might have an accident. Among other things it has to sit comfortably without being able to be ripped or pulled from the back, so its retention is important. Visibility is key so make sure yours has maximum face coverage as well as crystal clear visibility.

Motorcycle Jackets

There are literally thousands of different makes and companies offering good quality and stylish jackets that are mostly made from leather and denier DuPont Cordura. Keep in mind that your jackets need to meet safety standards and offer flexibility in movement, ventilation and keep you warm in winter months as well as keep you cool in those hot seasons of the year. Olympia jackets with mesh offer great airflow with insulation linear jackets that can be removed when it’s too hot. Leather jackets are mostly popular because of their unique look and ability to protect your body and elbows when you fall.

Motorcycle Pants

Very important especially if you take your riding seriously. Make sure these have a snug fit with sufficient knee protection and offer easy flexibility. If you prefer multifunctional pants try Olympia’s Recon 2 Pants that allow you to zip off the lower half which transforms itself into cargo like pants or try Yamaha’s Iwata leather pants which offers great style with protection, very good for those winter months.

Motorcycle Gloves

Very important to keep your hands safe and warm while cruising at high speeds or joining the regular breakfast runs. Focus on good ventilation, Kevlar designed for protection while having a good grip at all times.

Motorcycle Boots

Required for any serious rider who doesn’t think lightly of safety and comfort. Buy yours with attention to breath-ability, protection, style, and great grip on your pedals as well as on the ground.

Finally try not to get lost in information overload when buying your motorcycle riding gear. As long as you focus on safety first and afterwards design then you will find that many manufacturers have successfully blended these features nicely into their product line which in turn offers you maximum choice.

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