Month: November 2018

5 Things to Take on Every Motorcycling Road Trip

Every year thousands of people take to the road and explore the exciting country they live in on their motorcycle. Some people go for the weekend and others for months, but they all pack wisely to ensure that they have everything they need. You need to understand what is essential, and what you can live without for your trip.

Deciding what is essential, and what is a luxury may be difficult the first few times that you load your saddlebags. Once you have done this a few times, you will soon realize what you need to make the journey comfortable, and enjoyable. You need to think about where you are going, and try to pack for every eventuality.

Raingear is something that you need to consider as there is nothing worse than being wet and uncomfortable on your bike. The waterproof pants and jacket that you pack need to be quality, as well as reflective and large enough to cover your regular clothing. If possible rain gloves should also be packed, for those times when the weather is poor.

Toolkits are something that every biker will pack for every journey regardless of how far they are travelling. Roadside maintenance is something that you need to learn, and the toolkit will need to include every tool that you may need. Minor repairs should be able to be performed at the side of the road, to avoid the need for roadside assistance. These items will include screwdrivers, pliers, fuses, tire gauge and an air compressor for flat tires.

First aid kits are vital, and they do not need to be large, but do need to contain several items. If you take any medications, you will want to pack these and extras for the journey. A basic first aid kit will include bandages, tweezers, disinfectant wipes, and if you have the space you may want to consider sunscreen.

A good backpack is something that is down to personal choice, but I recommend you get a high visibility motorcycle backpack if you’ll be riding with it on your back. Alternatively, a good collapsable daypack to sling over your shoulder and haul your stuff whenever you’re off the bike at rest stops or at the end of the day. Check out for some great daypack and motorcycle backpack reviews.

Music can turn a long boring road trip into a soulful experience. Download your favorite tunes onto your smartphone or tablet and stream it to your helmet or outside speaker and you’re good to go. Set up a playlist for every mood and or something that will fit the event or the area that you’ll be travelling and it will enrich the entire experience.

Every trip that you take will bring more knowledge, and you may pack less or more items. However, typically you will find that you replace them with different items as you learn what you do and don’t need for your journey. You should compile a list for what you will pack next time, and decide what items you did not even use whilst on the road.