Road Trips

5 Things to Take on Every Motorcycling Road Trip

Every year thousands of people take to the road and explore the exciting country they live in on their motorcycle. Some people go for the weekend and others for months, but they all pack wisely to ensure that they have everything they need. You need to understand what is essential, and what you can live without for your trip.

Deciding what is essential, and what is a luxury may be difficult the first few times that you load your saddlebags. Once you have done this a few times, you will soon realize what you need to make the journey comfortable, and enjoyable. You need to think about where you are going, and try to pack for every eventuality.

Raingear is something that you need to consider as there is nothing worse than being wet and uncomfortable on your bike. The waterproof pants and jacket that you pack need to be quality, as well as reflective and large enough to cover your regular clothing. If possible rain gloves should also be packed, for those times when the weather is poor.

Toolkits are something that every biker will pack for every journey regardless of how far they are travelling. Roadside maintenance is something that you need to learn, and the toolkit will need to include every tool that you may need. Minor repairs should be able to be performed at the side of the road, to avoid the need for roadside assistance. These items will include screwdrivers, pliers, fuses, tire gauge and an air compressor for flat tires.

First aid kits are vital, and they do not need to be large, but do need to contain several items. If you take any medications, you will want to pack these and extras for the journey. A basic first aid kit will include bandages, tweezers, disinfectant wipes, and if you have the space you may want to consider sunscreen.

A good backpack is something that is down to personal choice, but I recommend you get a high visibility motorcycle backpack if you’ll be riding with it on your back. Alternatively, a good collapsable daypack to sling over your shoulder and haul your stuff whenever you’re off the bike at rest stops or at the end of the day. Check out for some great daypack and motorcycle backpack reviews.

Music can turn a long boring road trip into a soulful experience. Download your favorite tunes onto your smartphone or tablet and stream it to your helmet or outside speaker and you’re good to go. Set up a playlist for every mood and or something that will fit the event or the area that you’ll be travelling and it will enrich the entire experience.

Every trip that you take will bring more knowledge, and you may pack less or more items. However, typically you will find that you replace them with different items as you learn what you do and don’t need for your journey. You should compile a list for what you will pack next time, and decide what items you did not even use whilst on the road.

The Thrill of the Road

group travel2

There is enough visual overload on the roads to fill a hard ride with digital pictures. When you are winding your way through villages, mountains ad beaches, you come across the most scenic stretch of coastline. A ride through a culture-rich city tells you about arts, food, crafts and vistas. The stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife surprises your senses when you are on the road. The nature is what we ride for and when the day is done, we sleep in the lap of nature to wake up again to the dazing views of the clouds and mountains.

The lifestyle of a rider is one that everyone craves for but there are a lot of troubles that we go through and we come across a number of roadblocks on every road we take. It is the problem solving ability that gets us through to rough terrains and allows us to party hard in places far from civilizations.

suv with a bike rackWe travel in groups and alone. We have a lot of stories to tell – right from the hours of finding the right way to following an SUV with a bike rack. We have always been laden with questions about staying on the streets and doing our own thing. The answers to all the questions that are thrown at us reside in road trips. If you can take your bike with you and simply hit the road to destinations you are not sure of, you would find your soul filled with happiness and joy.

When we travel in groups, we ensure that we travel safe and are dependent on each other for various tasks. We function as a group just like how corporate function as a company with dependency on each other. We give you that impression that would cause you to tell your kids to stay away from the likes of us but when we meet children on the road, we give them the time of their lives. While our heart belongs to the love of biking, our soul resides in the anticipation of meeting as many beautiful people as we can.

Some groups always travel with a car. This is to ensure that they say safe and can engage in as many adventurous activities as they can. With a good bike rack for SUV, you can take along your bike with you and go mountain biking when you get to a certain location. This is a practice that helps us all as we can dump our stuff in the car and simply enjoy the joy of riding. However, this is not something that we do all the time. We have made some tough journeys as well and these tough journeys are the ones we have learnt the most from.

Traveling the U.S.A- The San Francisco Art Museum

Guide to the San Francisco Art Museum

 When we take our motorcycle trips around the United States, we try to set up an agenda of places and things to see.   One place that we spend two days visiting as we traveled the West Coast was San Francisco.  San Francisco is one of my favorite places on the planet as it has endless things to do and it is a great place for bikers.   One place that we always stop is the San Francisco Art Museum.  Here is a little more about this great spot.

This art museum is unique in the fact that they offer live performances, films and even family days.  It is something different that will help you look at art in a contemporary manner.  These are sure to give you a new perspective on how we live and who we are as people.  If you are looking for an exciting and unique experience then this is the way to go.

When it comes to looking at modern art you will be pleased to know that you are going to have several options available to you at the San Francisco Art Museum.  In fact, they will have a wide collection of paintings, sculptures, architecture and even media arts.  With so many ways to explore it goes without saying that you will want to make sure you have planned your trip in advance.  Doing so will help ensure that you get to see everything you want to see.

The museum is going to have a lot of different multimedia options for you to utilize.  First off, you will see that there are videos that you can access.  These are going to help you learn about the artist and the works that they have created.  Podcasts will also allow you the opportunity to listen in to what past visitors had to say about their experience at the art museum.

Definitely the place that we love visiting the most is the local art section.  While the famous paintings are great to see, the up and coming artists are some of our favorite pieces.  This year we focused on the street art that was displayed.   As some of San Francisco’s finest artists were able to create art out of almost anything.   The paint sprayed pieces of art were among our favorites, as these artists can create almost exact replicas of the world’s most popular art and reproduce them with just some spray paint and a canvas.

After you have gone through the museum you will definitely want to purchase a few items to help you remember your visit.  That is why you are going to want to go to the museum gift shop.  This is one of the best places to purchase products that have been produced locally.  This will include jewelry and even items that you can use to help decorate your home.

The tours that you can receive at the San Francisco Art Museum will be free for those that want to visit.  If you are not interested in a guided tour then you will be able to take advantage of the audio and multimedia tours that are also available.  Many people like these because it allows them to go through the museum at their own pace.  Finally, there is an outreach program where individuals from the museum will even come to your classroom and they will carry out educational lectures and activities.  This is just one more item that is offered to art lovers and it is also free.