Tips from the Hog

Tips from the Hog

Our Back Is In Our Hands-  Tips from the Hog

Most ignored part of the body is the lower back as many people fail to understand the importance of it.   As riders of motorcycles it is important to discuss back problems as it is a major issue affecting riders these days.

Self-awareness can help you in combating lower back problem and making your life easy.

Posture: The main reason that we have lower back problem is the incorrect posture that we sit in.

  • Making sure that we get up, walk around a bit and get back to the desks, will help us in reducing the stress in our lower back.
  • Taking breaks while on a long drive also helps in releasing stress in our lower back.
  • Make sure that while sleeping you change your position to release the stress.

Weights: Whether at gym or at home or anywhere outside, we do tend to pick up heavy things and challenge ourselves beyond the limit to which our back can manage. This causes stress and leads to lower back problem. Also take care of the body weight and make sure that you are not overweight and have the right height-weight ratio.

Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of bone related disease. Hence, try and kick the habit to make sure that the age of the bones is not decreased.

Diet: The Spine is basically a bone which is made of calcium. Making sure that our diet has ample amount of calcium and Vitamin D, will helps in maintaining our bone density and hence, lower chances of lower back issues.

Back injury: Injury due to physical exercise or lifting weights or any other reason should be attended properly. One should always have ice packs or hot pads or pain reliving balm handy while doing vigorous physical exercise. Once should then consult a doctor and go for physiotherapy if recommended.

Yoga: This has been proved to be the most effective form of exercise for dealing with the lower back issues as it improves your posture and helps in breathing.  A good combination is yoga and inversion table exercises to reduce back injuries.

Release Stress: It’s not always a physical injury that will cause the pain, sometimes it’s psychological also. Try to release the mental stress that comes in the life due to work or personal relations, as it will lead to healthy body. As they say, healthy mind leads to a healthy body.