Get Quality Motorcycle Riding Boots

TCX-AirtechSince getting my first pair of plastic boots for my plastic balance bicycle, when I was 7, I’ve been obsessed with finding and testing the latest riding boots. When it comes to biker gear one of the most important accessories would definitely be motorcycle riding boots. Built for endurance, safety and performance your boots are just as important as your leather jackets. Getting lost in the information overload available on the net is easy, so make sure to invest in quality motorcycle riding boots by taking the time to carefully asses what types of boots you need for your ideal suited purpose. Lucky for you there are many different types of boots suited for all purposes and types of weather, and if you’re concerned about the price tag, don’t worry. Present day manufacturers have seen the demand and adjusted their product line to suit your style and budget when purchasing your motorcycle riding boots.

The Different Boots Available

As with any type of motorcycle riding gear there are many types and styles, so let’s first establish what kinds of motorcycle riding boots are available.

  • ¾ Length Boots or Short biker Boots – These don’t offer as much protection due to the fact that they’re usually only 6 to 7 inches in height and generally only cover up to your ankles. They do however offer more movement like a sneaker which can be quite comfortable and are quite popular amongst hobbyist motorcyclists.
  • Full Length Boots or Tall Biker Boots – This is the most popular boot for bikers because they offer the most protection. Usually available in 7 to 9 inches plus the added bonus that manufacturers have designed the biggest variety for these types of boots to offer comfort and protection whether you’re a racer or a hobbyist.

When it comes to price you can easily find a desirable pair of used boots in mint condition. This is because many spontaneous would-be motorcyclists have lost the urge and excitement or lifestyle to continue. By doing a simple search on live auction sites like eBay you’ll be sure to find many auctions for used, good quality motorcycle riding boots. Always look at the seller’s “customer feedback” to ensure an ethical purchase. Many men and woman motorcyclists use sites like eBay or Amazon to make their purchases of motorcycle riding gear.

Breathable Boots

One important feature to look for is breath-ability in your boot as warm weather causes sweating and this results in unhygienic conditions which are frowned upon and also causes really bad odour.

Textile Motorcycle Gear

Many bikers have shown to prefer textile motorcycle gear over leather as it offers somewhat better weather protection from the heat and warm weather and not to mention improved functionality in the form of extra pockets and vents and sometimes the ability to remove inner linings in warm weather.

Popular brands include Xelement, ICON and Yamaha biker boots that specialize in different designs and requirements. Xelement has a range that’s mostly made from high grade cowhide leather that offers great support and safety. ICON mostly bases their design around athletic textile type shoes but is still great quality. Yamaha features fantastic Off-Road style Motorcycle riding boots, ideal for any enthusiast. Ultimately it’s up to you but be sure to keep the above points in mind when making your decision.