Motocross For Beginners: 5 Must-have items for the race

One thing that every person who is somehow involved in motocross racing will tell you is that: You ride at your own risk! You might want to rethink your decision and see if you are really cut out for such an extreme sport. Let’s have a look at what you might be needing for such a dangerous yet exciting race!

Get Your Bike

It is only logical to say that you will need a bike for a motocross race. Step one: it is pretty much the same if you opt for buying a used bike or a new one. As a beginner you won’t be able to tell much difference. The only thing that matters is that your bike is well serviced and safe for driving. Make sure that you find a good mechanic or a motorcycle dealer that will give you all the advice you need. One additional advice is that you find someone who is selling a bike near your home. This way, you can easily purchase any spare parts or take your bike to a tune-up.


If you are a beginner you have to get educated on every little piece of safety gear you will need. When it comes to shoes, you will need a steel-capped boot. The best safety boots for motocross riding are the ones with the combination of laces and buckles, reinforced sole and the ones that are keeping your ankle covered and fixed. These are the best shoes you can use to avoid getting your feet injured. So, think smart and dress even smarter.

Clothes And Armor

Getting a good pair of off-road pants made from a high-quality material will definitely make your ride enjoyable. Falling and getting scratches are a common thing when it comes to motocross races. Depending on the road, you can also get scratches from bushes and trees, and this is why you need to invest in a good pair of pants, but also in a good long-sleeved jersey. Moreover, you will need some gloves, knee and elbow pads and you need to start wearing the full gaer from the start, in order to get accustomed to it. Prevent unfortunate and grave injuries of your chest and back and always wear a body armor which is a real lifesaver.

Eye Protection

Don’t forget protecting your face and eyes and think about all the dirt, rocks or many other harmful things that can cost you your life. Buy a pair of goggles with shatterproof lenses and possibly a tear-off system. If you consider riding at night, then you should have some night vision goggles that will help you stay oriented and be aware of what is ahead of you.

Keep Your Head Protected

The last but not the least is the helmet. This should be the first thing you buy after the motorcycle. Keeping your head and face protected at all time during a race is a must. So, pick a helmet that sits comfortably on your head and make sure your buckle up pretty good, so you don’t lose it during the race.

When it comes to extreme sports such as motorcross riding, you should be prepared mentally, physically and equipment-wise, but you also need to know that such sports come with great responsibility! So, If you want to be a motocross racer you will need to put in some serious effort – simply wanting to be one won’t cut it.

Get Quality Motorcycle Riding Boots

TCX-AirtechSince getting my first pair of plastic boots for my plastic balance bicycle, when I was 7, I’ve been obsessed with finding and testing the latest riding boots. When it comes to biker gear one of the most important accessories would definitely be motorcycle riding boots. Built for endurance, safety and performance your boots are just as important as your leather jackets. Getting lost in the information overload available on the net is easy, so make sure to invest in quality motorcycle riding boots by taking the time to carefully asses what types of boots you need for your ideal suited purpose. Lucky for you there are many different types of boots suited for all purposes and types of weather, and if you’re concerned about the price tag, don’t worry. Present day manufacturers have seen the demand and adjusted their product line to suit your style and budget when purchasing your motorcycle riding boots.

The Different Boots Available

As with any type of motorcycle riding gear there are many types and styles, so let’s first establish what kinds of motorcycle riding boots are available.

  • ¾ Length Boots or Short biker Boots – These don’t offer as much protection due to the fact that they’re usually only 6 to 7 inches in height and generally only cover up to your ankles. They do however offer more movement like a sneaker which can be quite comfortable and are quite popular amongst hobbyist motorcyclists.
  • Full Length Boots or Tall Biker Boots – This is the most popular boot for bikers because they offer the most protection. Usually available in 7 to 9 inches plus the added bonus that manufacturers have designed the biggest variety for these types of boots to offer comfort and protection whether you’re a racer or a hobbyist.

When it comes to price you can easily find a desirable pair of used boots in mint condition. This is because many spontaneous would-be motorcyclists have lost the urge and excitement or lifestyle to continue. By doing a simple search on live auction sites like eBay you’ll be sure to find many auctions for used, good quality motorcycle riding boots. Always look at the seller’s “customer feedback” to ensure an ethical purchase. Many men and woman motorcyclists use sites like eBay or Amazon to make their purchases of motorcycle riding gear.

Breathable Boots

One important feature to look for is breath-ability in your boot as warm weather causes sweating and this results in unhygienic conditions which are frowned upon and also causes really bad odour.

Textile Motorcycle Gear

Many bikers have shown to prefer textile motorcycle gear over leather as it offers somewhat better weather protection from the heat and warm weather and not to mention improved functionality in the form of extra pockets and vents and sometimes the ability to remove inner linings in warm weather.

Popular brands include Xelement, ICON and Yamaha biker boots that specialize in different designs and requirements. Xelement has a range that’s mostly made from high grade cowhide leather that offers great support and safety. ICON mostly bases their design around athletic textile type shoes but is still great quality. Yamaha features fantastic Off-Road style Motorcycle riding boots, ideal for any enthusiast. Ultimately it’s up to you but be sure to keep the above points in mind when making your decision.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Riding Gear

Motorcycle-riding-gearYou’ve finally made the decision and purchased your ultimate dream bike but just like any other hobbies that anyone takes seriously you soon find out that there are add on accessories like motorcycle riding gear that are a compulsory necessity. These items involve your safety and efficiency on the road and include items like helmets, boots, pants, gloves and ultimately a cool jacket like the Yamaha Kiron leather jacket manufactured by Dianese. Alternatively if you don’t like leather you can opt for the Olympia Viper Mesh Tech Jacket which offers maximum airflow with superior abrasion resistance. Choosing the right motorcycle riding gear is often just as important as choosing your motorbike.

Looking At The Gear

Motorcycle Helmets

When choosing your helmet make sure it meets the standards of your local authority like the D.O.T (U.S. Department of Transportation). They have set standards that need to be met by all companies manufacturing bike helmets. It’s essential that your helmet can absorb as much impact force and prevent any form of penetration when the day comes that you might have an accident. Among other things it has to sit comfortably without being able to be ripped or pulled from the back, so its retention is important. Visibility is key so make sure yours has maximum face coverage as well as crystal clear visibility.

Motorcycle Jackets

There are literally thousands of different makes and companies offering good quality and stylish jackets that are mostly made from leather and denier DuPont Cordura. Keep in mind that your jackets need to meet safety standards and offer flexibility in movement, ventilation and keep you warm in winter months as well as keep you cool in those hot seasons of the year. Olympia jackets with mesh offer great airflow with insulation linear jackets that can be removed when it’s too hot. Leather jackets are mostly popular because of their unique look and ability to protect your body and elbows when you fall.

Motorcycle Pants

Very important especially if you take your riding seriously. Make sure these have a snug fit with sufficient knee protection and offer easy flexibility. If you prefer multifunctional pants try Olympia’s Recon 2 Pants that allow you to zip off the lower half which transforms itself into cargo like pants or try Yamaha’s Iwata leather pants which offers great style with protection, very good for those winter months.

Motorcycle Gloves

Very important to keep your hands safe and warm while cruising at high speeds or joining the regular breakfast runs. Focus on good ventilation, Kevlar designed for protection while having a good grip at all times.

Motorcycle Boots

Required for any serious rider who doesn’t think lightly of safety and comfort. Buy yours with attention to breath-ability, protection, style, and great grip on your pedals as well as on the ground.

Finally try not to get lost in information overload when buying your motorcycle riding gear. As long as you focus on safety first and afterwards design then you will find that many manufacturers have successfully blended these features nicely into their product line which in turn offers you maximum choice.

Taking A Look At Motorcycle Gloves

leeparks_01Why Are Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves So Good?

If you’ve been riding bikes for a while and bordering close to seasoned pro then you can probably testament to going through a few motorcycle gloves. If you haven’t perhaps found a brand or type that meets your standards then you should definitely consider investing in a pair of deerskin motorcycle gloves. Boasted to be some of the best and softest wearing gloves you’ll ever put on is quite a bold statement, but it would be overblown hype if it wasn’t true. Deerskin motorcycle gloves are potentially any biker’s best friend and are available in your favourite colours for riding namely black, brown and the very popular tan leather.

Looking At The Texture

Many satisfied customers and manufacturers claim that deerskin motorcycle gloves have the texture to be more abrasion resistant than the very common cowhide gloves, so when the day comes and you need asphalt protection they’ll do the job right. Apart from other leathers deerskin offers more strength hence the reason why they last longer than most. Another good feature is that they stretch mostly in width and very rarely in length due to their natural grain.

Keeping your hands cool while riding your bike is important and while some gloves achieve that it’s good to point out that deerskin motorcycle gloves create and serve as an efficient insulator because of its pores that lie in-between it’s leather fibers, making it a great solution that will keep your hands warm during the winter as well as cool during those warm summer months.

The Seams

When it comes to making motorcycle gloves many manufacturers are too busy putting on one too many bells and whistles into gloves and fail to realize that too many flashy add-ons create stress on the seams, and this is where absolutely all gloves come apart eventually. Seams on your gloves and how many there are truly makes a difference in overall performance. Pay attention to how many seams standard glove manufacturers put in their gloves in comparison to companies that manufacture deerskin motorcycle gloves.

Most companies have up to four seams on just one finger whereas deerskin gloves have only four seams on the entire glove.
Whether you’re a man or women rider everyone needs protection and that usually comes in the form of Kevlar. Now while Kevlar is important you should be careful because some manufacturers do a lousy thread job on the seams and what you end up with is the Kevlar slicing through the seams like a hot knife through butter with extended use and mostly when the gloves undergo stress.
Women riders should pay attention to protect those delicate hands while enjoying their riding experience and that’s why unlike cow hide leather gloves that have a reputation of becoming stiff and very uncomfortable once they have become wet deerskin motorcycle gloves can get wet and still maintain their durability and don’t shrink either. Colours popular amongst women are usually brown and tan designed deerskin gloves so maybe it’s time to invest your last pair of gloves you’ll ever wear.

Heated Gloves

Do Motorcycle Heated Gloves Really Work?

heated-glovesWhen it comes to motorcycle riding you need to protect yourself from accidents but not only that, you need to protect yourself from the elements like rain, heat and extreme cold weather. What you wear greatly influences your ability to enjoy your ride and perform at your peak. Although there are many different types of leather gloves on the market that cover a wide range of functionality none comes more recommended than looking to invest in a sleek pair of motorcycle heated gloves. By looking at all the benefits you can enjoy from a pair of motorcycle heated gloves like taking off the focus on the hassle of getting cold you’ll have more time to focus on the enjoyment of riding your bike.

Types Of Heated Clothing

Many types of heated clothing like gloves, and jackets are designed for cold weather activities that include skiing, motorcycling, as well as outdoor work related for people in the construction industry. Some companies issue heated clothing as compulsory or have it as a requirement when applying for work. By looking at the technology behind how heated gloves and other garments work you’ll mostly three different types of methods or functions namely:

  • Chemical Reaction – This works by placing single-use packages which contain all the chemicals that produce the heat into pouches or linings that are made to fit into gloves or certain garments. These single-use packs contain mostly iron, water, cellulose, activated carbon, vermiculite and salt and when they’re exposed to air a chemical reaction produces heat.
  • Heated Gel Packs – These gel packs fit into pouches or linings designed into the garments. They can be activated by heating them up in a microwave and produce heat for about a half an hour.
  • Electrical – This has become a popular method whereby gloves are designed with a rechargeable device that’s either designed so you can plug it into a car’s cigarette lighter or they’re already designed to be powered by a battery pack built into the sleeve of the garment or jacket.

Because the electrical method is most popular let’s focus on that. On average they take around four hours to charge and it’s recommended to use either lithium ion or AA batteries and sometimes rechargeable as they save you money in the long run. If you suffer from a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome like many people in the UK then motorcycle heated gloves might be just what you need. Some gloves that are configured with a 12-Volt DC rechargeable attachment like a cigarette lighter socket can plug these models into the source while riding and therefore extending the time which you can spend riding your bike in cold weather.

Expect to pay around $200 and up for a decent pair of motorcycle heated gloves. That equals to around £150 British sterling. Look for heated gloves that are on sale, try either eBay or Amazon where you’re sure to find some great deals. If you live in the UK try to avoid expensive High Street as they always charge top rates for items that you can just as easily find on sale at eBay or other online stores.

Looking For Affordable Motorcycle Helmets That Can Save Your Life

hjc_cs2n_solid_helmetsIf there is one item of motorcycle riding gear that you should always take seriously it’s motorcycle helmets and that goes for expensive and motorcycle helmets. All the studies from around the world have shown that street bikers that do wear helmets have far less serious injuries and fatalities than those who don’t, seems obvious doesn’t it; but you would be surprised by how many people actually ignore this warning and pay the price. If you’re like many people that like their head where it should be; attached to your body then pay attention and you just might learn something. The word cheap is somewhat overrated and people should realize that in today’s modern marketplace buying affordable motorcycle helmets doesn’t necessarily mean that’s it’s terrible quality, that is if you do your research properly.

D.O.T Certified

Your first concern should be to check that whichever motorcycle helmet you want has the D.O.T (U.S. Department of Transportation) certification sticker or logo on the helmet. They have set standards by which every helmet manufacturer has to adhere to and meet. If you look carefully you would find many brands that have an affordable range of motorcycle helmets that are certified and don’t lack in graphics, so you’re still in luck to find that ideal helmet with graphics and design that you like. Alternatively you should also be on the lookout for motorcycle helmets that are certified by The Snell Foundation. If you’re concerned about quality the difference between a D.O.T helmet and a Snell certified helmet is in comparison relatively minimal.

Their independent testing is totally comprehensive and competent and when the time comes they’re sure to perform to recommended standards. In the end be rest assured that they will meet up to expensive helmets’ standards. Keep in mind that different countries have different standards so be sure to get a helmet that meets your countries motorcycling standards especially if you’re living in the UK as their standards are high.

Different Helmets

Your basic different types of Helmets include:

  • Full Face Helmets
  • Off-Road/Motocross Helmets
  • Modular or “Flip-up” Helmets
  • Open face or ¾ Helmets
  • Half or Skid Lid Helmets

A motorcycle helmet’s main function is to provide maximum head protection to the user by absorbing as much of the impact energy when you have a collision. The use of EPS (expanded polystyrene) inside the helmet is the actual substance responsible for absorbing the force of any impact. How much facial area is protected is largely determined by what type of motorcycle helmet you’re using. There is a huge difference in protection between a full face helmet and a skid lid helmet.

It’s important to point out here that you should be weary of paying top dollar for street helmets that have fancy graphic designs especially when they’re not of high quality. These obviously play an important part in the overall choice for all motorcyclists but sometimes dealers get a bit eager to charge high prices for their motorcycle gear.