The Thrill of the Road

group travel2

There is enough visual overload on the roads to fill a hard ride with digital pictures. When you are winding your way through villages, mountains ad beaches, you come across the most scenic stretch of coastline. A ride through a culture-rich city tells you about arts, food, crafts and vistas. The stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife surprises your senses when you are on the road. The nature is what we ride for and when the day is done, we sleep in the lap of nature to wake up again to the dazing views of the clouds and mountains.

The lifestyle of a rider is one that everyone craves for but there are a lot of troubles that we go through and we come across a number of roadblocks on every road we take. It is the problem solving ability that gets us through to rough terrains and allows us to party hard in places far from civilizations.

suv with a bike rackWe travel in groups and alone. We have a lot of stories to tell – right from the hours of finding the right way to following an SUV with a bike rack. We have always been laden with questions about staying on the streets and doing our own thing. The answers to all the questions that are thrown at us reside in road trips. If you can take your bike with you and simply hit the road to destinations you are not sure of, you would find your soul filled with happiness and joy.

When we travel in groups, we ensure that we travel safe and are dependent on each other for various tasks. We function as a group just like how corporate function as a company with dependency on each other. We give you that impression that would cause you to tell your kids to stay away from the likes of us but when we meet children on the road, we give them the time of their lives. While our heart belongs to the love of biking, our soul resides in the anticipation of meeting as many beautiful people as we can.

Some groups always travel with a car. This is to ensure that they say safe and can engage in as many adventurous activities as they can. With a good bike rack for SUV, you can take along your bike with you and go mountain biking when you get to a certain location. This is a practice that helps us all as we can dump our stuff in the car and simply enjoy the joy of riding. However, this is not something that we do all the time. We have made some tough journeys as well and these tough journeys are the ones we have learnt the most from.